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  • Fireplace sales, service, and installation
  • Gas, electric, pellet, and wood-burning units
  • Dealer of many well-known brands
  • Sell and install Thermo-Rite glass doors
  • Sell and install gas logs and remotes
  • Hearth tools and accessories
  • If it has to do with your fireplace, we probably have it in stock. But if we don’t have a specific item you want, we will do our best to get it for you!



Needing to service your fireplace? Contact us today and we’ll ensure everything continues running properly.

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Wanting to update? We can come out to see what you have and discuss ideas for what you want. We’ll provide you with all the options available. Maybe you want to update and create a fresh looking fireplace. Or, maybe you want to maintain the authenticity of the original fa├žade, but need the inside brought to code and safe-working conditions. We have the experience to help you create the unique fireplace experience you want.